Jameson's Portrait

This weekend, I took a portrait of my dog Jameson since I felt that a new picture was needed of him.  I was trying to portray him as this adorable, cute puppy that will make any person say "awhhhhhh" but it didnt work out like that.  I was just able to capture his personality, which is either to be on guard or to be relaxed, waiting for his next assignment. 

Staten Island Family Photographer, Jameson, New York Pet Photograher
Staten Island Family Photographer, Jameson, New York Pet Photographer

First Trip to the Catskills

A couple of weeks ago, we took a trip to the Catskills - a first for both of us.  Our only reference about the Catskills was from the movie "Dirty Dancing" where the family stays in a resort for the summer.  So we had no idea what to expect.  

We rented a cabin in Andes, NY at a remote location and toured the neighboring towns during our stay.   We saw beautiful farms, open pastures, waterfalls and creeks.  Wildlife was very abundant up there and quickly learned why fireplaces and stoves are more of a necessity that air conditioners (temp drops to about 50 degree at night).  

Below are some of the pictures that I took during our stay.  

Catskills, New York Photographer, Farm
New York Photographer, Andes NY, Catskills
New York Photographer, Catskills, Andes NY
Catskills, catskills Photographer, Pasture
Catskills Photographer, Dog, Margaretville NY
Catskills Photographer, Margaretville NY, Catskills
New York Photographer, Catskills Photographer