1. What should I bring to the session? 
    You can bring in the cake smash outfits, your baby's favorite snacks and toys and a change of clothes.  Snacks and toys can be used to entice your little one if he/she is a bit hesitant to touch the cake.  If you reserved a Petite Cake Smash session, you will also need to bring in your baby's cake.  I provide towels and baby wipes to use to wipe off any frosting from the cake and there is a full bathroom available that you can use to bathe your little one.
  2. How much time does a Cake Smash session last?
    If you are reserving the Petite Cake Smash session, you can expect your baby's session to be 30 minutes.  If you are reserving the Smash and Splash Sessions, those sessions are usually 1 hour - 1.5 hours due to the different setups and outfit changes.
  3. What type of Cake should I bring?
    If you are bringing in a cake for your Petite Session, please bring in a buttercream cake, between 4" and 6" in width.  Buttercream cakes are the most edible for babies and Fondant cakes can be pretty hard to work on for a baby.  
  4. What should I do to prepare my baby for their session?
    • A couple of weeks before the session, try to have your baby play with food with their hands and feed themselves.  A good starting point is by using mashed potatoes, applesauce, and roughly mashed avocado.  
    I would also recommend buying a couple of buttercream cupcakes for your baby to mess around with.  Try to buy cupcakes made with either pink or blue frosting so that your baby can get used to seeing their hands covered in textures.  
    • I would also encourage mimicking for your baby.  If they are hesitant to get messy, try to encourage your little one to get messy by also playing with their food and showing them that it's okay to do this.  They will most likely follow suit.  
    • I schedule sessions around your baby's nap time.  So if your baby naps from 11:30 - 1pm, a session can be scheduled at 2pm so that your baby is fully rested and fed before their cake smash.  
  5. What happens if my baby cries during their session? 
    At times, babies do not want anything to do with the cake. When this happens, I will try to distract your baby with toys and I will guide you on how to get your baby to touch their cake.  It usually take some time for your little one to become comfortable.  If you practice on preparing your little one for their session a couple of weeks ahead of time, then crying at the session will most likely not happen.