Louie's Legacy - PUPPIES!!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph a litter of 2 month old puppies for Louie's Legacy. And I have to say... there was no stopping them in running around and creating adorable havoc. Their names are Fonda, Felice, Fitch and Florie.  

If you are interested in adopting in one or a bonded pair(s) of Rottweiler/Lab puppies, please put in an application to Louie's Legacy NYC.  They are just truly adorable. 

Staten Island Pet Photographer, New York Pet Photographer
Staten Island Photographer, Pet Photographer
New York Pet Photographer, Pet Photographer Staten Island

Red Hook Dog Rescue - Bella

One of the other dogs that I was able to photograph last weekend in Brooklyn, NY for Red Hook Dog Rescue is Bella.  Bella is one of the most gentle dogs that I ever encountered.  She is about 5 yrs old and is great with children and other pets.  Once you meet her, you will fall in love. 

For more information, here is her profile from Petfinder. 

Brooklyn Pet Photographer, New York Photographer, Red Hook Dog Rescue, Bella
Brooklyn Pet Photographer, Bella, New York Photographer

Adopted - Washington

Woohoo! I am happy to hear that Washington, from Louie's Legacy, was adopted today. He is going to a home where they adopted another dog from Louie's Legacy a couple of years ago. So Washington is going to have a companion.  Great news!

New York Pet Photorapher, Louie's Legacy
Staten Island Pet Photographer, New York

Ms. Zelda

This past weekend, I went to photograph the adoptable dogs from Louie's Legacy at Pet Smart and this one dog caught my attention.  Her name is Zelda and basically looked my dog Jameson as a puppy a few years ago.  

She is about 30lbs - 40lbs and is pretty petite but very muscular.  When I saw her, I assumed she was still a puppy, about 5 months old because her energy was very puppy-sh.  She loves to interact with everything that is going on around her and she would make a great companion for someone looking to adopt an active dog.  

You can find more information about her and how to adopt by going through this link.  

Staten Island Photographer, Zelda
Staten Island Pet Photographer