Red Hook Dog Rescue - Helen

This past weekend we traveled to New Jersey to photograph Helen for Red Hook Dog Rescue. Helen is a 3 yr old deaf pit bull terrier that loves to play ball in the backyard.  She is great with people and kids and is house trained.  She is knows her sign language commands and responds to them quickly. 

She is great on the leash and is one of the most chilled dogs I ever came across. She is a great dog overall and I hope she finds her forever home. 

If you would like to see her full bio, here is the link.

Red Hook Dog Rescue, New Jersey Pet Photographer, Helen
New Jersey Pet Photographer, Red Hook Dog Rescue, Helen
New Jersey Pet Photographer, Red Hook Dog Rescue, Helen

Red Hook Dog Rescue - Astra

Meet Sweet Lil' Astra.  Astra is a Pit Bull Terrier who is looking for a forever home.  Her personality is very upbeat and just excited to be with people and to be outside.  She may be deaf in one ear but when I photographed her and used my squeeky toy, there was no issue with her responding at all.  

If you want more information or want to see her full profile, here is the link.  

Brooklyn Pet Photographer, Red Hook Dog Rescue, Pet Photography NY
Pet Photographer Brooklyn, Red Hook, Red Hook Dog Rescue

Red Hook Dog Rescue - Bella

One of the other dogs that I was able to photograph last weekend in Brooklyn, NY for Red Hook Dog Rescue is Bella.  Bella is one of the most gentle dogs that I ever encountered.  She is about 5 yrs old and is great with children and other pets.  Once you meet her, you will fall in love. 

For more information, here is her profile from Petfinder. 

Brooklyn Pet Photographer, New York Photographer, Red Hook Dog Rescue, Bella
Brooklyn Pet Photographer, Bella, New York Photographer

Red Hook Dog Rescue - Olive

This weekend, Red Hook Dog Rescue invited me to take portraits of some of their dogs that are in need of a forever home.  They are based in Brooklyn and they focus on dogs that have special needs, ie blind, deaf, etc.

Below is Olive.  She is very sweet and very sociable.  The rescue group estimates that she is about less than 2 yrs old so she is pretty puppy-sh and just wants to be with other dogs.  She is taking basic obedience classes and she can sit and stay on command for her treat. 

Olive is a beautiful dog that needs a lot of exercise and love.  If anyone is interested in adopting her, here is her full profile

Brooklyn Pet Photographer, Olive
Brooklyn Photographer, Olive