The stars of Strut Your Mutt

This past Saturday (the 27th of September), my husband and I attended the 5th Annual Strut Your Mutt event.  Strut Your Mutt is an annual event where everybody raises money for animal shelters across the country.  People who attend get to walk their dogs for 2 miles on the west side of NYC.  At the finish line, you get to pick up some swag for your dog(s).

This was our second year in attending so we had a gist of what to expect.  Mostly canine/feline food and snack products.  However... we came across this.  I am assuming that they were selling dog jackets because I could not get my attention off these dogs.  They had tons of "puparazzi".

Strut your mutt, New York, NY
Strut Your Mutt, NY